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Let it Bloom

The App

Green to all!

Bloom is a unique garden design and visualization app with an intuitive integrated sales platform.

Its state-of-the-art system uses data such as climate zone, soil type and elevation to bring users the most relevant and up-to-date information for establishing and designing their optimal garden.

Our unique platform enables users to create virtual gardens where they can not only witness the evolution of their chosen space years from now, but also by season!

We do this so they can select suitable plants to create a garden they can enjoy all year round for years to come.

Bloom recommends suitable plants and plant care based on a combination of environmental factors such as geolocation and user-entered data.

The app then goes one step further.

It aids users in creating their dream garden and supporting local businesses in a marketplace filled with offerings from multiple plant vendors to fulfil every gardening need.

Tired of spending hours online researching the needs of a specific plant only to find that it's unsuitable for the climate in your area?


Well, no more!

Learn which plants will work for your garden.

Plus, care for them in the best way possible with gardening tips based on your climate zone.

Get gardening tips designed for your garden!

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Design, Connect, heal, bloom


Design your garden (or balcony/house) using only your phone camera.

Create your ideal virtual space and watch it grow!


Because the same country doesn't necessarily mean the same climate…

Now you can connect with people in the same climate zone as you and share highly rated, suitable plants with each other.


Get a recommended list of plants just for you.

This will be based on your latitude, climate zone, elevation, and soil type

Pests & diseases

Use Bloom's simple detection and identification system to find the pest or disease that's harming your plant.

Then get recommendations on how to treat it.


Compare prices between local nurseries and shop all your gardening needs online, all in a single dedicated marketplace.

Who will be the first country to enjoy all features?

Pests & diseases

How the App Works



Designing your garden, balcony or even a small corner in your home is now easier than ever.

All you need to do is take a photo of your space and drag plants across the image to their new home.

This way, you can create a virtual model of your ideal garden!

Swap, change and rearrange it as often as you like until you have your perfect design.

Then, watch how your garden looks and performs in different seasons and times so you can discover any mistakes before you buy even one plant ...



One green world

Become part of a climate community with Bloom's intuitive system.

Using relevant information such as geolocation, elevation and soil type…

You not only get great recommendations on the plants most suited to your garden and appropriate care advice, but you also get the opportunity to join the climate community most relevant to your garden (and not your country of residence).

Create a shopping cart in the marketplace where you can compare prices between nurseries close to your home, and  complete the order


More money means more plants

While garden choices should be based on climate, your marketplace should be local.

Bloom's dedicated platform contains offerings from all your local nurseries and helps you get the best deals.

After saving your perfect plants to your shopping cart, set your maximum distance radius…

Bloom will show you the prices of your plants at local nurseries and will even make recommendations on which nurseries will be the cheapest for your entire basket.

All you need to do after that is place your order online on the nursery website, send a message directly to the nursery requesting your plants to be saved, or, if you just can't wait, head straight there with your list.



Pests & Diseases

With only four questions and an extensive picture selection, you can identify whether your beloved plant is sick or has some unwelcome guests.

The Bloom app then offers expert recommendations for the ideal treatment to nurse your plants back to peak health.

Choose from chemical, biological, or organic treatments to suit your garden and needs.

Our Story
Let's deal with climate change together

By now, we're all aware of climate change, of course.

When these climate change effects began to be reflected in my private garden, I knew it was time for a change.

Plants that had been successful in the past were no longer blooming. And plants that I would never have dreamed to suit my location began to — surprisingly — grow successfully.

Climate change significantly affects vegetation anywhere in the world; we all know this. Those effects, however, vary wildly depending on your climate zone, and therein was my problem. ​I couldn't find any updated information on what I could grow in my garden today. Naturally, as a weather forecaster, I decided to research the subject.

And after confirming my suspicion that the information available is largely based on knowledge from a decade ago, I happened upon the "climate zones movement". In the last two years, we at BLOOM have created an updated and accessible database for everyone!

Yes, that’s right — everyone!

This database is regularly updated following climate models that track climate zone migration. Combined with our knowledge from experts such as our in-house agronomist, we have created an easily accessible and applicable source of information for today's gardeners...

We're constantly analysing the relationship between the plants reported from different coordinates in order to update the plant recommendations accordingly in real-time.


Like what you hear?

Come and help us make the change and make the world greener!

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About Us
Let it Bloom

Tell your local nursery about Bloom, and maybe yours will be the first country to enjoy all these green features.

Let's all Bloom!

If you're a gardening business owner wanting to know more about the Bloom marketplace, get in touch

Hagit Henn

CEO and Co founder

Nevo Ben Dov


Ilan Playov

Technical Advisor

Laura Hershlag

Marketing Manager

Meet The Team

Let it Bloom

Hagit Henn

CEO & Founder

Weather forecast

Let it Bloom

Nevo Ben Dov

Chief Agromonist

Let it Bloom

Ilan Playov

Technical Advisor

For more information and updates, just reach out

Whether you're a business owner interested in the benefits of the Bloom marketplace or a keen gardener wanting to learn more, we'd love to hear from you.

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